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SnuggyDoo makes ordering your baby’s favourite disposable diapers quick and easy.

We Are Your Reliable, Online Diaper Store.

We know that availability of your most preferred disposable baby diaper is of utmost importance to
you. That’s why we ensure that there is constant and ready supply of your favourite baby diaper
brands and deliver them at your doorstep in minutes.

Quality Products

All the baby diapers and wipes that you will find on our catalogue are sourced from verified, authorized suppliers of respective brands. No counterfeits. No monkey business.

Fast Delivery

We strive to deliver your orders within the shortest time possible.

Offers and Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Well, Every time you shop for diapers through our online shop you will stumble upon great daily offers and irresistible weekly discounts.

Customer Support

We have no business being here without you. That’s why we have a dedicated customer support team so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Feel free to talk to us about all your diapering needs!

Get Best Offers On Diapers!

Diaper Subscription Service!

Order your preferred brand of diapers any time during the month from as little as Ksh.1800 Per month. Click on the ‘SUBSCRIBE NOW’ button to enroll.

You can choose from three different packages as follows: Lite: Ksh.1800 Per Month, Regular: Ksh.2950 Per Month and Premium: Ksh.3850 Per Month

Lite: 1 Jumbo Pack+1 Pack of Wipes (Maximum 1 Order) or
        1 Medium Pack +1 Pack of Wipes (1 st Order)
        1 Medium Pack (2 nd Order)
Regular: 1 Jumbo Pack +1 Medium Pack+ 2 Packs of Wipes+ Free Delivery (Maximum 1 Order)
Premium: 2 Jumbo Packs +2 Packs of Wipes + Free Delivery (Maximum 1 Order)

Fast Delivery

Get your order delivered in Nairobi within minutes.

Best Quality

Our products are supplied by verified, authorized brand distributors.

Best Offers

Get amazing offers and discounts!

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Pay safely and conveniently via M-pesa.

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